Insert & Over Molding

Eigen is an industry leading insert molding service provider. With our comprehensive technology, we are able to seamlessly integrate molding techniques with our metal stamping and metal plating capabilities, providing you with a one-stop solution for all your metal processing needs. Eigen is the recognised leader in the field of Overmolding. With our vast experience in custom plastic Overmolding, mold designing and building, and customer focused design solutions; we have partnered with many customers to manufacture overmolded plastic products.
  • Turnkey Solutions – Eigen has the capability to design, develop and deploy turnkey electronic packaging solutions, thanks to our proven expertise in the design and manufacturing of insert molding assemblies, along with our application of electronic packaging and connector technology.
  • Engineered Custom Plastic Parts - At Eigen; we meticulously engineer custom overmolded plastic parts and components to remove the need for a variety of secondary operations such as welding, bonding, gasketing and assembly, leading to time and cost savings. Eigen also employs robotic automation for quick and precise insert placement.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs - Ours is a robust molding and tooling set up that delivers the best in quality to our customers at competitive prices. We have partnered with many customers to manufacture plastic products that have reduced labour and cut assembly costs.
  • Enhancing the Quality - At Eigen; we go by a vertically integrated approach while providing stamping and molding services to our customers; ensuring increased quality in our final product, as the defect count between processes is brought down drastically.
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As a global leader in insert molding services, we have deployed a wide range of insert molding presses such as Toshiba, Milacroin and so on. Technology is at the driver’s seat with everything we do here at Eigen. We use the best in computer technology and software to design the various molds and parts. We also strive to stay abreast with the ever changing technologies and have our hardware and software updated constantly. Eigen's integrated molding capabilities enables us to produce a diverse portfolio of products for you such as automotive sensors, medical components, electrical connectors, and many other type of molded sub-assemblies.More



Eigen specialises in complete turnkey packages. We love working with new people and taking on challenging projects.

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