Precision Metal Stamping

Proudly considered as one of the premier precision metal stamping company; Our precision metal stamping capability uniquely highlights our commitment to our customer’s growth and process development, removes the burdens of procurement, and ultimately lowers operating costs.
  • Specializes in the stamping of tight-tolerance, close-pitch and high-precision parts
  • Stamping for ferrous and non-ferrous materials of thickness starting from as low as 0.002"/0.05 mm and even lower, up to as high as 0.19"/5mm and even higher
  • Materials-Stainless steel, Phosphor Bronze, Brass, ETP Copper, DHP copper, Beryllium Copper, Copper Nickel, Mu-metal, Magnetic Iron, Mylar, CRCA, HRCA, Carbon steel, Silver Clad, Aluminium, Phynox, Polyamide, Inconel, Silver Magnesium Nickel, Spring steel, German silver, Nickel Chromium, Kovar, Kapton, Maillchort and more...
  • Production capacity of over 500 million components per annum

Eigen Engineering’s precision metal stamping process is designed with the industry’s highest quality standards, while maintaining low lead-time and offering the best value for money, due to lower part and tooling costs. Our custom engineered close tolerance, for both position and profile tolerance, ensures maximum precision for high-load, critical components.


Progressive die stamping is the lowest cost, most repeatable, and accurate method of small parts manufacturing. Contact us today.



Eigen specialises in complete turnkey packages. We love working with new people and taking on challenging projects.

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