Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Eigen provides top of the line plastic molding services. Eigen has state of the art plastic injection molding technology in place. The company specializes in high performance thermoplastics and varied molding processes. We use a huge range of molding equipment, and our clamping forces vary from 80 tonnes to 150 tonnes.
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  • Complex Shaped Parts - When it comes to producing complicated shapes and parts, Eigen’s expertise in plastic injection molding is effective because of the precise yet cost effective nature of approach.
  • Great Accuracy & Highly Efficient Result - The molds designed, developed and manufactured in-house allow the finished products to be very precise. In most of the cases, Eigen achieve accuracy within 0.005 inches. With Eigen you get the best possible combination of functionality, productivity and low manufacturing costs of plastic parts
  • Great Finishing - Using Eigen for your Injection Molding needs ensures that customers require very little in terms of follow up, because of the quality of the material as well as the workmanship delivered. This is also another example of how Eigen is able to save more on the labor cost.
  • Reduced Manufacturing Costs - Eigen’s automated process is designed in a way to manufacture an accurate product in the first attempt, and this ensures reduction of a lot of waste material. The CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) helps achieve a high level of accuracy. In most cases, once the component is out of the molds, it needs only minimal attention, and this helps reduce the manufacturing cost.

Our highly skilled engineers and technicians use computerized injection molding machines to guarantee that each and every molded piece meets the exact specifications of the product given by you. For the plastic parts in domestic or industrial use, Eigen assures the best combination of functionality, productivity, and reduced cost. Eigen has an in-house tool room, and this ensures that the molds required for various projects are designed and developed in-house. Eigen is a reliable partner, with customers present in many countries across the globe. The company has a proven track record of great quality, customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and much more. Eigen is fully equipped with the latest technology, experienced manpower, and a focus on quality results, to take on any project regardless of the complexity level.




Eigen specialises in complete turnkey packages. We love working with new people and taking on challenging projects.

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