When it comes to providing plating services, Eigen has a special name in the industry. We make sure that plating services we offer our customers are of the best and highest quality and meet all the required quality standards.
  • Barrel Plating- Eigen possesses the technical expertise and latest technology for barrel plating services. The plating services are provided for a wide range of plating materials. We can set up an automated barrel plating assembly designed to your specifications to suit your requirements.
  • Great Accuracy & Quality – Eigen works hard to make sure quality is at its best and of the highest standards in all the services that they provide. Apart from that, there are a lot of quality control (QC) processes to make sure that industry required quality standards are met on a consistent basis.
  • Wide Range of materials – We possess the technology and expertise which can cater to a variety of industries ranging from aerospace to automotive and consumer durables for a wide range of precious metals like gold, and silver; and non-precious metals such as tin, nickel and more. We also have the capabilities to work with metal alloys such as palladium-nickel, tin-lead, and other similar ones.
  • Clean & Environmental friendly- We are proficient in all of the latest in plating methodologies and are also eco-pioneers implementing clean and environmentally friendly plating techniques.
Eigen Engineering is one of the foremost exponents in providing plating services globally. With global customers that spans all continents and geographies; wherever you are located, you are probably not too far away from Eigen. We devise plating solutions keeping in mind customers best financial interests.More



Eigen specialises in complete turnkey packages. We love working with new people and taking on challenging projects.

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