Eigen offers a wide array of contract assembly services to provide an integrated solution to their customers and partners.Reasons why Eigen is the obvious choice for progressive tool and die design solutions are:
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly techniques
  • Arc-chute assemblies for MCB, MCCB and contact assemblies for domestic appliances
  • Heater assembly for domestic and industrial circuit breakers
  • Developed customised gauges for automated measurement of assemblies
One of the advantages of progressive tooling is that it allows us to meet customer demands quickly for both high and low volume parts. We always ensure perfection in our products that match customers’ expectations exactly, and on the deadline.Eigen produces high-quality, reliable and cost-effective progressive dies. We have the proficiency and technological know-how to fabricate, quality test and produce progressive tools that meet a broad spectrum of production challenges. The key to our success is our superb craftsmanship. We routinely work with aerospace, defence, electrical and electronic industries, industrial engineering, automotive and ancillary units as well as the consumer durable industries.More



Eigen specialises in complete turnkey packages. We love working with new people and taking on challenging projects.

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