Progressive Tooling

Eigen is an industry leader in progressive tooling and progressive die stamping solutions, with customers all around the world.We have a top of the line progressive die and tool shop that enables us to excel at progressive die stamping. We are able to customise progressive die designs as per the customer’s specifications as we are able to manufacture in-house.Reasons why Eigen is the obvious choice for progressive tool and die design solutions are:
  • Speed – Eigen provides the lowest cycle times per part for high volumes.
  • Less Scrap Material – because of the majority of the metal is used in the process of progressive stamping, encompassing punching, coining, bending and several other ways of modifying metal to produce the desired end part shape, very less scrap is produced. Progressive Die Metal Stamping provides the most cost effective material option for manufacturing parts.
  • Quicker Setup – Progressive stamping utilises lesser time than the traditional machining setup. This will result in a more cost effective piece part.
  • Longer Runs –Longer runs between metal changes and tooling adjustments allows parts to be produced in a much shorter time.
  • Lower Cost per Part – All of the factors above contribute to reducing the overall cost. Progressive die stamping enables the production of robust parts in a cost effective and speedy manner.
One of the advantages of progressive tooling is that it allows us to meet customer demands quickly for both high and low volume parts. We always ensure perfection in our products that match customers’ expectations exactly, and on the deadline.Eigen produces high-quality, reliable and cost-effective progressive dies. We have the proficiency and technological know-how to fabricate, quality test and produce progressive tools that meet a broad spectrum of production challenges. The key to our success is our superb craftsmanship. We routinely work with aerospace, electrical and electronic industries, industrial engineering, automotive and ancillary units as well as the consumer durable industries.More



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