Types of Progressive Tools That You Should Know About

Progressive Tool

Digitalization, automation, Industry 4.0, Technology disruption, etc. are some of the most commonly heard buzzwords these days. We are used to reading, listening or many at times discussing how we can implement the best strategy for our business to succeed. Well, the progress in metal stamping industry has also been massive, take progressive tool for example.

Industries such as defense, aerospace, automobile, and the likes, rely heavily on the metal stamping industry. There is a great demand and supply needs to be maintained in order to ensure that the industries get the metal components that are required for their product. Let’s talk about some of the progressive tool types that you should know about.

What Exactly is Progressive Tool?

Progressive Tool is a metal working method wherein several processes such as bending, coining, punching, and several other steps are required to shape the sheet metal. The sheet metal feeding system is automatic and is designed to push a metal strip into the progressive tool. So until a finished part is made, every station carries out one or multiple operations in a progressive manner.  From the feeding of sheet metal to the finished product, the operation is carried out in a progressive manner and so the name progressive tool.

Feeding Tool

One of the key components in progressive tooling is the possibility of automatic feeding of sheet metal. Automatic feeding has reduced the need for manual feeding which meant a lot of effort, time and money was spent on just this one process. Automation in this step has helped to reduce all of that and ensured that the process speeds up.

Progressive Tools

In the progressive tool design there are several other processes, components and workstations are designed to work in synchrony. After the sheet metal is fed into the workstation, it is then processed step by step before the final component is out. Setup of the progressive tool varies based on the specific needs in the component. Some of the basic tools are cutting, bending, and punching. The manufacturers that are experienced in progressive tools are experienced to recommend the progressive flow and the workstations that will carry out the tasks in the best way. Usually, the progressive tools are recommended when the project requirement is huge and there are several processes that need to be carried out on the metal strip. The goal is to save time, money, and also the processes required to get the final component.
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Benefits of Progressive Tools

This is one of the important questions that many industries ask before opting for progressive tools. Here are some of the benefits that will help you take your decision.


One of the best benefits that most industries look forward to is the cost benefits that they can experience from the progressive tool. Rather than repeated tasks and several stoppages, in the progressive approach, you just need to feed in the metal strip and the stamping will take place progressively. This in turn helps businesses to save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent in repeated processes.

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Production is Fast:

As one of the key elements is the continuous feed of the material it is possible to produce more parts in more frequency. It is impressive to see that it has a low cycle per part and the companies that are looking for high volume production benefit greatly with the kind of quantity that they can get from progressive tools.

Low Scrap Material:

Companies experience a huge dent in their pockets when there is a lot of scrap material. There are several methods by which the manufacturers make the best use of the metal and this helps to reduce the overall scrap material and save money in this aspect. As there are several progressive operations planned in one cycle, it helps to make the use of complete metal sheets and as a result, reduces the scrap material.

Quick Setup of Tools:

When compared to other stamping processes, the setup for progressive tools is much faster than this helps to save on the required time for the overall project. In many other stamping processes, it can take more time compared to this one. A single setup does have several benefits in terms of the setup time.

Reduced Material Handling:

Material handling has a serious impact on the quality and finishing of the overall product and finished component. However, with the progressive tooling machine, the process is simple and there is reduced material handling. This not only helps in ensuring that the product is finished well and on time but also reduces the chances of human error during the overall project cycle.

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Many Possibilities:

There are several different types of designs that could be worked on simultaneously in a progressive way. So when the companies have a requirement for two different combinations in one component, the progressive approach comes in handy for the project.


Hard tooling is used in the designing of the tools and this ensures that the die degradation doesn’t happen in early stages as compared to the other stamping approaches. This ensures that high volumes can be delivered without unnecessary stoppage times. Companies can remain stress-free because of no or very less stoppage time to maintain the tool.

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