From Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics to Automobile & Ancillary, Industrial Engineering to Consumer Durables, Eigen has worked with clients of different sectors to create specialised products catering to relevant industries. Here’s a quick glossary on where our products have been used.

The Eigen Difference

Leverage our technical expertise to produce less expensive parts:

  • Lower Part and Tooling costs
  • More Precise parts can now be stamped
  • End to End Metal Stamping Solutions Provider
  • Plastic Parts

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There is no margin of error in the Aerospace industry and Eigen has over the years delivered high quality Precision metal stamped parts to wide array of Aerospace applications not just in India, but all over the world.

Typical Application areas

  • HV Relays

  • Connectors

  • Cabin light sensors

  • Electro mechanical Relays

  • Engine parts

Electrical & Electronics

Electrical & Electronics

Eigen has been serving the electrical & electronics industry for years as well, demonstrating great ability time and again to produce the smallest,
complex electronic stampings whilst ensuring complete accuracy, quality and cost-efficiency.

Typical Application areas

  • O/L Relays & circuit breakers. (ACB, MCB, MCCB)

  • Miniature motors

  • Switch Gears

  • Electronic article surveillance

  • Tube fuses

  • Electronic time locks

Automotive & Ancillary

Automotive & Ancillary

A recognized manufacturer of metal pressings and stamped metal parts in the Automotive Industry, Eigen has been serving the industry by streamlining the metal stamping parts production process, focussing entirely on applying its strengths and expertise in precision stamping and moulding to support the major tier one suppliers.

Typical Application areas

  • Window lift motors

  • Car door lock actuators

  • Car door and steering locks

  • Coolant pump sealing

  • (L-R)light indicators

  • Engine knock sensors

  • Starter solenoid valves

  • Safety Applications

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Eigen also supplies precision stamped parts for a vast variety of industrial applications.

Typical Application areas

  • Modular jacks

  • Electronic Energy meters

  • Industrial Batteries

  • Impact matrix printers

  • RFID Devices

Consumer Durables

Consumer Durables

There’s a bit of Eigen in every consumer durable. Delivering precision in some of the most vital components for consumer durables and hospital equipments.

Typical Application areas

  • Connectors
  • Mobile chargers