Discover more about progressive tooling, stamping tooling, plastic injection tooling and also about manufacturing all types of high-speed, progressive, precision injection molds at Eigen.

Eigen provides design services for progressive die designs, precision injection molds, progressive tooling and stamping designs using top of the line CAD Packages.

A behind-the-scenes look at the people, processes and technology Eigen employs to help ensure zero-defect metal stampings.

Eigen's Metal Stamping manufacturing capabilities meet needs of a variety of industries.

With the use of advanced technology, full-proof processing Eigen offers a wide array of automated contract assembly and sub-assembly services to provide integrated solutions to customers.

With the wide range of injection molding machines, the clamp capacity of up to 150 tons can be achieved. Eigen uses the best technology for achieving precision plastic injection molding.

Plating at Eigen goes through numerous processes and quality control checks. Here you will get electroplating services designed and executed with the highest level of precision.

Is Eigen reliable for plastic insert molding needs? Well…find out more about Eigen’s plastic insert molding capabilities and decide for yourself.

Overmolding is complex; but, Eigen makes it simple and efficient. This video will take you through some really exciting ways in which Eigen handles the Overmolding in efficient ways.