Tool and Die Design Engineering Service

Eigen’s precision tool and die design and manufacturing services develop custom tooling specifically designed for your manufacturing needs. We place heavy emphasis on engineering innovative and practical solutions that meet your requirements for production speed, accuracy, and costs.

Our creativity and high-quality workmanship allow us to engineer and build high-calibre tooling solutions for parts of any size or geometric complexity. We utilize advanced CAD modeling software and state of the art equipment, carefully chosen to enable us to meet tolerance demands for a wide range of progressive tool, precision dies, fixtures, gauges, and tooling.

Manufacturing and tool & die design services from our highly skilled engineering team enable us to offer consulting services, cost reduction analyses and manufacturability analyses. Our design engineering capabilities include AutoCAD with Diemaker, Unigraphics 7.5 NX Die Wizards, and a range of services such as design assistance, material selection consultation, and prototype development.

In House Toolroom

Your finished products come from the hands of a team of highly-qualified technicians, with over 50000 man-hours of experience in designing and developing tools for various customers. Also, our technicians undergo constant training in order to keep them up to speed with the emerging trends and new technologies of the industry. So, when you hire our services, all that experience and knowledge gained is poured into building your product in a way where it would better the best of your imagination.

Our facility is AS 9100 D certified and also boasts of other certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, and our culture of continuous improvement, the implementation of lean strategies, and our commitment to staying ahead of the latest technology, tools, and techniques provide unmatched benefits to our customers. We operate with agility and are dedicated to achieving 100% satisfaction for each project engagement.

We help design and manufacture complex die designs with close tolerances, thus allowing 3D net-shaped parts to be manufactured.

Design and Tooling

Our goal is to be your partner for the entire manufacturing process, from custom design to high-quality finishing. Contact us today to see how we can help find your next manufacturing engineering solution.

Our Tool and Die Design Engineering Service

Be it the simplest or the most complex – there’s no project our team can’t help you with. Eigen’s extensive technical and support services combine years of experience with excellent designing, re-designing, and prototyping. Some of the key tool design and engineering services we provide are: 

  • Design Consultation: We help you explore how feasible your design is and fix any vulnerabilities or flaws.
  • Manufacturability Analysis and Cost Reduction: We review the design you present and help identify areas where you can cut down costs to ensure compatibility of your design with the industrial manufacturing process
  • Prototype Development and Rapid Prototyping: When the designing process ends, the prototyping stage begins. We help you create and test prototypes for functionality and modifications before large-scale production begins. 

Our Tool and Die Design Capabilities

Eigen Engineering gives you a team of experts who are focused on smoothly executing your project vision. Our team combines expertise, experience, and skills that come together to take your project to new heights. Our design engineering capabilities include AutoCAD with Diemaker, Unigraphics 7.5 NX Die Wizards, and services such as design assistance, material selection consultation, and prototype development. Here’s what these services do for you:

  • AutoCAD and Diemaker: We use our CAD (computer-aided design) together with Diemaker to create stamping dies quickly and efficiently.
  • NX Progressive Die Wizard 7.5: Our team uses NX Progressive to speed up the design process by automating large parts of the process.
  • Design Assistance: Our team’s advanced design skills help us assist you at every step of the design process.
  • Selecting Materials: We use our expertise to recommend the best materials for your project.
  • Prototype Development: We use our Mastercam services and design solutions to help you with high-volume and low-volume prototype requests. If any parts of the project are causing inefficiency or hindering functionality, we help you optimize the design of that part for higher manufacturability.
  • Reverse Engineering: For any reason, you might not have access to your original product design. In such a situation, we thoroughly analyze your present component and reverse the process to arrive at the initial design to be produced.

Our CAD Software

We use several software solutions and programs to ensure the designing process is completed quickly, successfully and cost-efficiently. The most important ones are:

  • AutoCAD
  • UG NX 9
  • AutoCAD Inventor
  • 3D Quick Press 
  • Solid Works

Specifications- Design & Engineering Services-

Industry Standards:AS 9100 D certified

ISO 9001:2015

Engineering Process:Die Design

Progressive Tooling

Design Engineering Capabilities:AutoCAD
Unigraphics 7.5 NX Die WizardsDiemakerprototype development

Our team

Every client we partner with gets the best of our capabilities on every project, regardless of its scale. Your project will come to you after passing through our expert technicians’ most experienced and skilled hands. It will undergo more than 50000 human hours of designing and tooling experience, depending on your requirements and the level of customization required. Our technicians and team members are regularly re-trained and updated on changing market conditions, trends, and customer requirements. 

By partnering with Eigen Engineering, you can combine our combined knowledge and experience to create an excellent, refined project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In manufacturing, tooling is the process used to build various components and tools for production. Tooling services ensure that the components manufactured function correctly, have longer life cycles, and ensure superb product quality. Eigen offers customization of these tooling services to suit your business needs.

Some of the most common materials used in precision stamping are alloys of aluminum, nickel, copper, steel, brass and stainless steel.

Pressing or stamping is a process that requires a flat metal sheet to be placed in a press in blank or coil form. Inside the press, a die and tool surface apply pressure onto the metal and shape it to form the desired product. Some of the techniques used are blanking, embossing, flanging and coining.

A compound tool is where piercing and blanking are performed within a single stage. It is an inverted tool used in the stamping process.

CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), workflow simulations and manufacturing execution systems are some of the most advanced technologies used in manufacturing and design.

Why Eigen


Backed by decades of expertise in design, development, manufacturing and supply of progressive metal stamping tools and components.



Located in the technology capital of India, we have quick access to ports, easy availability of established vendors and excellent tool making expertise.



Eigen is a supplier for Customers in Europe, the USA in the aerospace, locomotive and electronics segment with proven track record of product quality, customer service and delivery performance.


Professional expertise

Eigen has the proven track record of design, development and manufacture of progressive press tools up to 45 stages with complex profiles.


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Backed by decades of expertise in design, development, manufacturing and supply of progressive metal stamping tools and components.

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“Excellent tool room facilities, very satisfied customers.”

- Anil.K.Srivastava, DGM, Connectwell Industries (P) Ltd.

“The parts I saw adds to my conviction that you are a quality Operation. This lends credibility to the nation and you will be successful in making our parts.”

- Leonard Challenger, Saft, USA

“Great systems and organisation. You are our potential supplier for stamped parts.”

- Umesh Kini, Global sourcing, Tyco Health care