Before a successful product is manufactured, a prototype must be designed to test its efficacy. At Eigen, we work on delivering the very best services. This starts with designing and producing a perfect prototype to transform your ideas into custom parts. Why do you need a prototype? Because making changes to a prototype is simpler than making changes to a product after mass production has begun.

Eigen has exhaustive skill in the metal stamping of quick-turn prototypes and mass production. We have extensive experience in progressive metal stamping and forming technology. We also have the capability to manufacture designed stampings in a progressive die for high volume applications or single stage operations for initial prototype samples.


In order to help you bring your product to the market quickly, Eigen provides rapid services in stamping and molded products to OEM’s.

Quick-Turn Prototype Services:

  • Precision metal stamped component prototyping
  • Short run production cycles for precision metal components
  • Insert molding and overmolding prototype assemblies
  • CNC machine run production

The Eigen prototyping process produces the best quality models for design verification and market research. The benefits of using Eigen for your prototyping needs include low costs, quick turnaround cycles and flexibility in making changes to designs.

Services offered

  • Design Assistance: Our engineers help in bringing a fresh perspective to your designs in order to easily revise and adjust the requirements of the product.
  • Quick Delivery: At Eigen, we ensure quick and timely delivery that adheres to your timelines.
  • Quality Control: We ensure quality testing at every step of production. When the production involves delicate parts with intricate designs, we perform close tolerance inspections as a matter of course. Quality checks run down to as low as five decimal places.
  • Our Equipment: We use state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to make prototypes, and machinery such as mills, lathes, grinders, presses injection molding tools and more to build our customers’ designs. CAD models are loaded onto our CNC computers, which in turn automate the prototyping processes. This leads to reduction of human error and promotes consistency.

The Reach of Eigen


Eigen caters to a diverse range of industries worldwide and supports successful product launches across markets with fool proof prototypes that will serve as launch pads for successful products. Some of the markets we serve are:

  • Aerospace: Progressive stamping prototypes of critical aerospace components that require high precision tooling and assembly.
  • Medical: We provide solutions for medical device assembly, surgical quality blades and tools, electronic components and more, all manufactured to the highest quality standards.
  • Commercial: A wide range of consumer goods, such as mobile assemblies, audio-video assemblies, consumer electronics and the like are designed and prototyped by us.
  • Automotive: We help create prototypes of chassis components and power systems for the foremost leaders in the auto industry, as well as hardware components.

As an ISO certified company, we welcome the opportunity to provide a one of a kind experience for your prototyping needs. We promise to meet and exceed your expectations every single time.

Eigen’s 20 year of expertise in:

  • Custom Engineered High Tolerance Components
  • Complex and Critical Parts
  • Turnkey Packages
  • Assembly & Sub-Assembly

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Why Eigen


Backed by decades of expertise in design, development, manufacturing and supply of progressive metal stamping tools and components.



Located in the technology capital of India, we have quick access to ports, easy availability of established vendors and excellent tool making expertise.



Eigen is a supplier for Customers in Europe, the USA in the aerospace, locomotive and electronics segment with proven track record of product quality, customer service and delivery performance.


Professional expertise

Eigen has the proven track record of design, development and manufacture of progressive press tools up to 45 stages with complex profiles.

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Backed by decades of expertise in design, development, manufacturing and supply of progressive metal stamping tools and components.

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“Excellent tool room facilities, very satisfied customers.”

- Anil.K.Srivastava, DGM, Connectwell Industries (P) Ltd.

“The parts I saw adds to my conviction that you are a quality Operation. This lends credibility to the nation and you will be successful in making our parts.”

- Leonard Challenger, Saft, USA

“Great systems and organisation. You are our potential supplier for stamped parts.”

- Umesh Kini, Global sourcing, Tyco Health care