Understanding Industrial Manufacturing Process and its Uses

Manufacturing stamping process

Industrial manufacturing is a complex procedure that involves people with a broad range of expertise and experience in using a diverse range of tools. In recent times, there have been a lot of developments in the manufacturing stamping process with the numerous advancements in robotics, automation, computing, etc. On the other hand, there have also been several advancements in industries such as automobile, aerospace, electrical & electronics, health & safety, and the likes. The rapid shift in the face of technology dictates that the ones working or planning to work in industrial manufacturing get fully equipped with the knowledge and experience required to keep up with the changes. Here are the top 4 industrial manufacturing processes that are widely used across the globe.

Machining: Top Manufacturing Process

Machining is a process that involves use of huge machines to give the proper shape and size to the sheet metals. There are advanced machines that are mostly automated and robotic to achieve precision and save the cost to the company in the long run.

Joining: Crucial aspect in manufacturing

Joining process includes several steps due to the varied requirements in this area. For instance, bolting is one of the most standard fastening methods in the manufacturing stamping process. On the other hand, there is also the approach of welding that is used when cutting down the assembly weight is of importance. The joints differ tremendously and so does the different approach, and so this manufacturing process changes from manufacturers to manufacturers. Some of the important factors considered in joining is assembly effectiveness, load factors, operating surroundings, materials chosen, upkeep, and so on. When planned well, the manufacturers are able to save a considerable amount of time and money in this process.

Metal Forming: Shaping the components

As the name defines it, a metal forming approach or process is used to create components by deforming the metal rather than cutting, breaking, shredding, or removing. This is the process wherein drawing, spinning, bending or stretching are used to form the components or metal parts in the required shape. Experienced manufacturers have developed this process of manufacturing and ensure to use the latest technology.  Metal press such as the punching tools or dies are used to implement this manufacturing process. By just changing the dies in metal forming machines, the manufacturer can utilize the same equipment to produce various components.

Metal Casting: Widely used for Industrial Tools

This process is widely used when manufacturing industrial tools and equipment. In this process, the solid is dissolved into liquid and is heated to appropriate temperature. Sometimes it is processed to change the chemical formula and it is then added into the metal cavity. So just in one simple step, the many simple or even complex shapes can be easily formed. This process can be done on any metal that can be melted and the end product could be almost anything that the designer actually wants. Furthermore, directional attributes can be easily managed and a pleasing look can be easily achieved.

The above are widely used processes, but there are also many uses of the above process in the global industrial market. Let’s check out some of the uses.

  • Automotive industry is widely grown and there is a tough competition that we see across the world. There is a need to come up with new precision stamping tools with every new product or automobile that is launched in the market. This makes them rely heavily on the manufacturing stamping process. Based on the type of metal used, the type of operation, and the size of the component, the manufacturer uses a mix of manufacturing processes to achieve final results.
  • Defense industry is evolving with technological growth as well. There are a wide range of metal stamping tools and equipment that are required in the defense industry. As a result, the precision metal stamping manufacturers need to make sure that they are in sync with the technology and are delivering the latest equipment to the defense industries. In this regard, the design team also plays a crucial role to ensure that cost and  money is saved during the manufacturing process.
  • Electrical & electronics is an industry that we have seen rapidly change just in the last few years. As a result, the stamping process has also evolved to keep up with the wide range and changing expectations of the clients from across the globe. It is not just the mass production of components, but most importantly the top quality that needs to be maintained in these manufacturing process to keep up with the stringent quality control regulations set by the government.

There are varied uses of the industrial manufacturing process, and the consumers and businesses are able to operate smoothly due to the advent of technology. The technology helps manufacturers to ensure that they are able to deliver precision metal stamping in low cost, time and efforts. However, one of the major challenges is that not all manufacturers are equipped with the latest technology and this means that clients will need to make sure that they choose only the best of manufacturers out there.

Some of the things that the customers need to look out for are:

    1. Good reputation
    2. Years of experience
    3. ISO certifications
    4. Staff experience
    5. Quality control measures

Eigen: Serving industries across the globe

Eigen is an expert and experienced metal stamping manufacturer operating from over 15 years. The manufacturer is based out of Bangalore, India and is connected to companies from across the globe. Eigen is reputed for delivering precision metal stamping and is also ISO certified by continuously maintaining due diligence over the years. The manufacturer encourages the use of the latest technology and this helps to keep up with the latest trends and customer requirements.


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