An Overview of Stamping Process for Increased Productivity

stamping manufacturing

As the industrial revolution continues, the companies are constantly on the lookout for increased productivity in every domain. The same is true with the stamping process as well. Metal stamping industry has experienced a great revolution and progress in the last decade.

Many other industries hugely rely on metal stamping industry to supply components used in their products. However, as the competition grows intense, it is crucial that you keep up with the growing customer demands. One of the most common requirements is increased productivity.

Here is an overview of the stamping process to help you in increasing your productivity.

Remove Bottlenecks in Stamping Process

In metal stamping process, there are several steps from sourcing the metal to delivering the finished component. It is crucial that you identify the bottlenecks and remove the roadblocks or bottlenecks. Sometimes, you may have to add more stations in the overall process, or else completely eliminate one to add efficiency to the overall process. Adding more stations could mean that more parts can be processed simultaneously. When thinking about the solution, you need to take into consideration your production capabilities, floor space, the necessity of the process, the total cost involved, and also how eliminating or adding a process will enhance productivity.

Reduce the Rejection Rate

The production capabilities of a sheet metal stamping company may be more, but the problem could very well be with the reduction rate. Due to the parts rejection, it is likely that you will meet the output goals but still not meet the expectation. If the stamping process is not streamlined for a reduced reduction rate, the manufacturers and customers will face the brunt of the unnecessary costs in their pockets. At times, rather than following the same old traditional stamping process, the manufacturers need tweaking and implement new technologies to get the best results. Using the latest manufacturing machines, strategies, and technology may mean cost but in the long term, it will help the manufacturers to have a competitive edge over others.

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Have a Good Quality Control

A good quality control will also help in reducing the rejection rate. In most instances, the scrap material is the result of inefficient quality control during the stamping process. Quality control team ensures to identify any defects in the product life cycle during the initial stages and rectify the issues on time.

Quality process

This helps to save the cost, time, and effort required in the long term. However, it is important to have a quality control team that is meticulous and follows every single process closely. Experienced professionals in Quality Control teams understand the importance of rectifying even the seemingly small issues during the earlier stage.

Use Automation wherever Possible

In tight production tolerances, even the finest manual laborers will get tired and sore after they have worked for a few hours. However, the same is not true with the machines. With the machines, you can keep the production cycle going and the machine will not get tired. In recent times, automation in the stamping process has helped sheet metal stamping manufacturers to achieve more in less time and reduce a lot of manual and repeated mistakes. The experienced operators who have to do manual work can be used in planning, programming, and other cognitive tasks that machines cannot do. Automation in metal stamping is a good step towards enhancing the overall process but make sure that you only use automation where it is practical and is needed.

Use the Latest Design Tools

It was a practice to first create a prototype of a tool and then take approval from the customers if it suits the requirements. With the latest tools and design software, there is no need to rely on this traditional method. Invest in the latest die design tools and software so that you can create a prototype that can be visualized.

Simulation Software

The latest software also has the option to carry out virtual tests to help give an idea to the customers about what they will get in a physical tool. This approach will save a huge amount of time required to design and create a physical prototype tool and then make amendments based on customer inputs.

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Improve the Safety for Productivity

In the stamping process safety is one important aspect that is taken lightly by many manufacturers. This is considered as a time-consuming process in manufacturing by many workers. If the worker gets injured on the manufacturing floor this has a direct impact on the speed of manufacturing and productivity. However, if the safety standards are maintained throughout the production floor, it helps to carry out the process smoothly and reduces the incidents due to negligence. Apart from the loss of time, the complacent attitude towards safety has several other serious implications on the manufacturers.

Transparency from Design to Delivery

Within the manufacturing process, there are several different departments that make one big department. Transparency helps every department to work together in synergy and accomplish one single goal of top quality stamping and efficient delivery. Every manufacturer may have their own process or strategy to maintain transparency within the organization and in recent times there are several software tools that can be used within the organization to maintain the right level of transparency. When every department is aware of any updates, priorities, glitches in the process it will help all to work together and accomplish one common goal.

Eigen Has a Refined Stamping Process

EIgen has been into the precision metal stamping process from 13+ years and believes in the perfect synchrony of experience and latest technology. The stamping company has implemented the latest technology in design, planning, manufacturing units, and delivery process to ensure no loopholes in the metal stamping design to delivery. The experienced professionals are regularly trained on the latest processes, strategies and planning tools to ensure that they have an edge over the increasingly changing stamping technology. Eigen has a reputation to deliver the finished produced on time and in many cases even before the projected time.


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