Where our products are used

Eigen has worked with clients of different sectors to create specialised products catering to relevant industries. Here’s a quick glossary on where our products have been used:


Aerospace & Defense

  • HV Relays
  • Connectors
  • Cabin light sensors
  • Electro mechanical Relays
  • Engine parts

Electrical & Electronics

  • O/L Relays & circuit breakers. (ACB, MCB, MCCB)
  • Miniature motors
  • Switch Gears
  • Electronic article surveillance
  • Tube fuses
  • Electronic time locks

Automotive & Ancillary

  • Window lift motors
  • Car door lock actuators
  • Car door and steering locks
  • Coolant pump sealing
  • (L-R)light indicators
  • Engine knock sensors
  • Starter solenoid valves
  • Safety Applications

Industrial Engineering

  • Modular jacks
  • Electronic Energy meters
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Impact matrix printers
  • RFID Devices