Case Study:

Process: Secondary operations (Value Added Services)

Alternative Case Study


Help a large automotive tier-one supplier reduce costs for producing an important cover for Car door lock and ignition key lock. The major performance criteria for the cover – car door lock and ignition key lock was Aesthetics. The components were being supplied by another supplier but the rejections due to surface defects were high – 15%; hence customer was not able to meet the demand of a major OEM.

Case Study


Our value-added/value-engineering team studied the part and developed an alternative manufacturing process. Instead of having three operations stamping-cleaning-inspection we re-engineered the process; stamping-cleaning-centrifugal tumbling-ultrasonic cleaning– inspection. Stamped parts were exposed to special media in centrifugal tumbling for optimum duration (30 minutes) followed by ultrasonic cleaning; ensuring removal of scratches, dirt and chips – significantly reducing surface defects. With the alternative process in place the rejections came down significantly from 15% to 1.5%.


Eigen’s alternative process successfully reduced rejections and provided better quality control; customer was able to improve deliveries to OEM. Because Eigen was responsible for alternative process; customer approved Eigen for Direct Line Supply; helping reduce costs and ensuring more incremental business with improved customer satisfaction.