Case Study: battery caps

Process: Precision Stamping

Alternative Case Study


We were asked to supply corrosion free battery caps. Eigen supply caps for lithium batteries to an overseas customer. The raw material for the particular part if pre plated steel. The raw material is fed into a progressive stamping tool which have a special profile draw. Corrosion was not seen during the process but was visible when the part reached the customer.

Case Study


Corrosion became a serious concern with customer functional requirements; Eigen cross function Team (CFT) conducted the detailed analysis of each process causing corrosion. With inputs from customer and help of D.O.E (post stamping process re-engineering) we are able to successfully eliminate “corrosion problem”.


The combination of detailed analysis by CFT and process reengineering helped to yield significant process efficiencies eliminating perennial “corrosion problem”. Eigen took 30 days to overcome corrosion concern and over one million parts have been supplied and no corrosion concern has been raised by the customer. Eigen benefitted with increased orders for the battery caps which helped to improve customer satisfaction.