Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molds and Components

Injection Molding Components

Injection molding has proved to be a valuable service for many manufacturing industries producing components that we use on daily basis. Everything from the most basic toothbrush to the fancy sunglasses we use is probably manufactured by using plastic injection molding. It was in the 1930’s when this amazing revolution of plastic injection molding was introduced to the market. This procedure has proved to be highly efficient in the mass production of various products. Due to the reliable performance and ease of use, plastic injecting molding has become one of the most common choices for producing plastic parts. Some of the top benefits you get from using injection molds for producing good quality parts are:

With the help of plastic injection molding, industries can create highly complex and intricate shapes and sizes. Once the plastic is put in the mold, it goes under extreme levels of pressure, which makes it easy to create parts with great details. When it comes to producing complicated shapes and parts, plastic injection molding is effective because of the precise yet cost effective nature of approach.

  • Great accuracy

Plastic injection molding is such a precise method, that it is possible to mold almost any type of plastic. Although there are certain design restrictions, the molds allow the finished products to be very precise. In most of the cases, this approach helps industries to achieve accuracy within 0.005 inches.

  • Fast process

When it comes to long manufacturing runs, plastic injection moldings are preferred because they can be produced quickly. The speed varies depending on how complex the part being produced is, but on an average the time between the cycles is 15 to 30 seconds.

  • Highly efficient result

The actual process of plastic molding is really efficient. The only time consuming process is building the perfect mold for the process. Once the mold is built, the creation of components does not take any time. Apart from that, plastic injecting molding is an efficient technique, so the parts can be created in single piece. As a result of the efficient production, the final result of the project is cost-effective and reliable.

Injection Molding Components

  • Create high strength components

These days, it is crucial to get high strength components in most industrial settings. In this regard, plastic injecting molding again proves to be an ideal solution. This process has the option of adding fillers to the components during the actual processing. This helps reduce the density of liquid plastic and enhance the strength of finished component. This approach is considered to be ideal for industries that need strong components for their products or equipment.

  • Great finishing

A great finishing is really important in an industrial setup. Plastic injection molding is a highly efficient option because the produced parts need very little or no finishing for most of the components. One important reason for a smooth finish is that almost all components that come out of the molds are very close to the finished appearance. The surface finish immediately out of the mold is extremely good. This is also another example of how companies are able to save more on the labor cost.

  • Reduces manufacturing cost

The injection molding is usually automated, and mostly robotics and machines are used to achieve fine results. The overhead and manufacturing costs can be cut down because the overall work can be easily supervised by one controller. On the other hand, the automated process is designed in a way to manufacture an accurate product in the first attempt, and this ensures reduction of a lot of waste material. The CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) helps achieve a high level of accuracy. In most cases, once the component is out of the molds, it needs only minimal attention, and this helps reduce the manufacturing cost.

Eigen provides premier plastic molding services

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