5 Critical Steps to Ensure Progressive Tool Design Success


Progressive tool design is a preferred option by many industries these days. As the name suggests it is a tool wherein multiple operations are progressively done. As a result, rather than using a different tool for every task, this tool helps to do it progressively without the need to change the tool. However, in order to be successful, there are more than one critical steps that need to be taken care of. Here are some of the critical steps that need to be taken in order to ensure progressive tool design success.

One of the first steps is a proper planning to ensure perfection. It is only a good planning that will ensure that the end result is perfect. So when a metal stamping company receives a request from clients, the first thing that they need to do is to plan. Look for what the clients really need. Plan on how the tool can be designed in a way that adds value to the final product. This will ensure that the designing be done in the most appropriate way.

  • Step 2: The Creative team on the task

It is a combination of good software and a creative team to ensure designing is done in the best possible way. A creative team will use the latest software available and carefully come up with a design that helps to achieve more in less. Well, this is a mantra to success when it comes to successful designing of the progressive tool.

  • Step 3: Planning for less scrap

Companies spend a lot of money on scrap material on several projects. However, when the right applications and processes are implemented the wastage can be set to minimal. Well, when a proper planning takes place in the initial stage it will help the supplier to plan well on how to make the best use of raw material. As a result, the clients will get the end product at the most affordable cost.

  • Step 4: An efficient communication

From the time a project is accepted by the supplier, there are lots of different teams working to ensure that the end results are good. Well, if there is a lack of communication then all the efforts may go wrong. As a result, the suppliers of progressive tool design need to make sure that they have a proper communication process where all teams communicate. Good communication will ensure that all teams are on the same page and that planning is a complete team effort.

  • Step 5: Good quality control process

An efficient quality control process will ensure that nothing is left to chance. This is crucial in Progressive tool design because every aspect of a tool design needs to go through scrutiny in order to make sure that the end result is perfect. The team working on quality control needs to ensure that efficiency is achieved in every stage of progressive tool design.

Eigen: Your progressive tool design partner

Eigen is an established player from the last 14+ years and throughout this time the company has ensured that nothing is left to chance. The company uses tried and tested measures to make sure that the clients get the best quality in the least amount of price. The employees working with Eigen are a team of efficient creative minds working on progressive tool design from years. Once the project is handed over, you can rest assured that Eigen will take care of every aspect and ensure that you get the best progressive tool design results delivered.


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