Latest Machinery and Methodologies in Progressive Stampings

Progressive stampings

Global situation around COVID-19 has had an impact on several industries and a drastic change has been experienced in the normal way of operations. Industries such as aerospace, automobile, defense, industrial engineering, electrical & electronics are looking for new ways and features to help with the new normal life post-COVID situation. Precision metal stamping industry is sought after forgetting the metal parts stamped, designed, and assembled by manufacturers. In the last few years, there have been significant changes in the machineries and methodologies in the precision metal stamping industry. Progressive stampings are one of the approaches that is used by several industries. Let us take a look at some of the latest machineries and methodologies in progressive stampings.


Computer-Aided Design in Progressive Stampings

Digital disruption has changed how the world operates and industry 4.0 has had a solid impact on the progressive stampings as well. Computer-aided design in progressive stampings has enhanced the possibilities for metal stamping manufacturers to deliver more in a short time. Especially for the precision metal stamping industry, now we have custom software available to design die and tools required in progressive stampings, and this helps designers and engineers to collaborate on a completely different level that seemed highly impossible in the past. COmputer aided design helps to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and on-time results to clients.

Advanced Machinery in Progressive Stampings

Press machines are hydraulic and computer-operated in many manufacturing units. There has been a shift towards moving on from the old and basic precision stamping press machines to new computerized and automated hydraulic machines. There have been several advancements in the speed, stamping capabilities, and features. The reputed and leading manufacturing companies understand the importance of keeping up with the technological advancements and update their manufacturing unit with the latest tools and machines. This helps the companies to keep up with the client requirements with ease and scale up their operation to the latest offerings.

Use of Advanced Sensors in Progressive Stamping

Progressive stamping is different and the stamping takes place progressively on several workstations. The modern machineries come with several possibilities and of course enhanced security. Advanced sensors are used in progressive stampings to help manufacturers to enhance their operations. These sensors help the manufacturers to keep the accidents in control and at the same time, these are also programmed to check for any inconsistencies during the manufacturing process. The use of advanced sensors in precision metal stamping requires a considerable amount of investment, but the experienced manufacturers understand the benefits that it can derive in the long term.

Advanced Quality Control Methods During Manufacturing

Quality control during the manufacturing process is a crucial step but is not given due attention by many manufacturers. The main reason why it is neglected in the early stages is the cost, personnel required, and the effort required to implement and follow stringent quality control methods during the manufacturing processes. A specialized team and technology is required to ensure that top quality is achieved in progressive stamping. In recent times, there have been several tools and technologies introduced to help the quality control teams accomplish their end goals smoothly. Reputed manufacturers invest the money and efforts in quality control and this ensures that the clients get the best results at all times.

Here are some of the top ways to ensure that you partner with reputed manufacturers with the latest machinery and methodologies in progressive stampings.

  • Look at the reputation of the manufacturer to make sure that they have a global outreach. The reputation of a manufacturer will also be seen by the client testimonials, and the website will have a lot to say as well. Make sure that you take out the time to carry out the needed research about the progressive stamping manufacturer.
  • Consider the years of experience in the precision metal stamping industry and especially the progressive stamping expertise. This will help you get an idea of what kind of material and projects the manufacturer has worked with so that it will help you understand the versatility of the precision metal stamping manufacturer.
  • Look at the kind of technology that has been used in the manufacturing unit. The manufacturers that want to keep up with increasing client requirements keep up with modern technology and implement the latest methodologies.
  • Cost of progressive stamping is also a crucial deciding factor. Manufactures with efficient technology and methodologies ensure that they also deliver the best stamping projects to clients from across the globe.

Make sure that you look for the above-mentioned points in ensuring that the manufacturer that you decide to partner with has all the latest tools and technologies in place. The time that you spend in following the above things will help to ensure that you get the best precision metal stamping and progressive stamping results.

Eigen: Your Progressive Stamping Partner

Eigen has been in the precision metal stamping industry for over 13 years. Progressive stamping is one of the company’s special offerings to clients from across the globe. With an exceptional workforce from diverse backgrounds and years of experience in precision metal stamping, the company delivers the best results in whatever project you are looking to get in metal stamping. Eigen is equipped with the latest machinery and implements strategic methodologies to ensure that the clients get the best in whatever project is being worked on.


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