Precision Die and Stamping for the Automotive Industry

Precision die and stamping

Precision die and stamping has brought great strides in the manufacturing sector. It is widely used in various verticals such as aerospace, automotive, electrical and electronics to name a few, due to its manufacturing capabilities. The Auto industry uses precision dies to manipulate metals used to produce vehicles to desired specifications. Before highlighting advantages of using precision stamping die, it is useful to go over the various core materials used in automobiles.

Manufacturers used a wide variety of metals and other materials in building vehicles for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Metals are primarily used in areas of the vehicle that need stability, such as the chassis, doors, hood, roof. These are also used in individual mechanical components such as the engine, brakes, axles, suspension, wheels etc.

The most frequently used materials are


It was widely used in initial manufacturing due to strength however is susceptible to rust and is less flexible

Steel –

Steel replaced iron as the major metal, as it is stronger and at the same time lighter. Steel is also immune to rust compared to iron. Manufacturers used different grades of steel based on budgetary and design specifications. Steel is also lot more expensive compared to iron. Some of the areas where steel is used is in wheels, brakes, exhausts and engines.

Aluminum –

Aluminum, like steel is another popular metal that is preferred due to its lightweight, flexibility and strength. It is relatively expensive to steel, engines are made using of aluminum in order to withstand higher temperatures for a longer period. Vehicles have increase fuel efficiency when made using lighter metals like aluminum.

Titanium –

This metal is preferred due to its strength and resistance to corrosion however it heavier than aluminum. It also significantly costs more therefore used only selectively in manufacturing.

Carbon Fiber –

Automobiles that focus on being lightweight, especially performance vehicles have parts made of carbon fiber which enables faster acceleration. Originally used in aircrafts, this material is incredibly light and the same time has high tensile strength. Fast vehicles such as super cars and hypercars have hoods, panels, brakes and other metals components now made using carbon fiber.

While each of these materials have their own benefits, there needs to be a flexible manufacturing process to design and build components from these to leverage benefits. Precision die and stamping facilitate manufacturing components of desired shapes, thickness with great level of detail from these materials.

Metal Stamping

Here are some advantages of using precision stamping dies and associated tools in vehicle manufacturing

Durability –

Some of these such as aluminum due its properties works well with precision dies as it can be made into detailed molds. It is convenient to work with these metals when using progressive tooling to create desired outputs.

Manufacturing Cost –

Precision die and stamping, by design uses raw material efficiently so that there is less wastage. This translates to saving costs, especially when producing high volumes.

Recycled Material –

Precision dies can use recyclable materials to create the same level output compared to the new raw material. This is particularly useful when using a metal like aluminum which is recycled extensively.

Production Speed –

Stamping dies are built in such a way to work in a sequential and harmonious manner to have continuous production with little interruptions. This means automakers can make components at a pace that meets demands.

Accuracy –

Stamping dies and tools are designed with great sophistication so as to cut metals based on customer specifications with great attention to detail. Auto manufacturers thus are able to incorporate precision finished parts for both interior and exterior usage.

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