High Value Precision Tool and Stamping Parts for Progressive Die

Precision Tool and stamping

Precision metal stamping is the choice of many manufacturers when there is a need for parts or objects in high volumes and time is of the essence. To produce high-quality parts that match the exact specifications in a relatively short period of time, manufacturers depend on the speed and accuracy of the precision tool and stamping. While it is true that this process of mass production may not suit all types of metal or other production, the industries that do benefit from this type of production get to enjoy the many benefits that come with the precision tool and stamping process. If you are a manufacturer and are wondering if you should employ the precision tool and die stamping process to produce your desired part or object then there are several factors that you would need to take into consideration to make a well thought out decision that will ultimately benefit your business. You would need to consider various important parameters like the cost of your project, the time on hand and if there will be several changes in parts to be made during the production period.

The process of precision tool and die stamping assigns the whole act of metal stamping in such a way that the end product is manufactured by means of an automated method. What stands out more than the automation is the exact precision that exists in the final product when compared to other fabrication processes. Most microstamping operations benefit from precision tool and die stamping method. Microstamping requires that the final parts are extremely precise and accurate, more than other regular or normal parts. The requirement for accuracy and precision is very high in this type of production with the precision tool and die, up to a millimeter even, an error of that size can lead to compromising the overall usability and integrity of the finished product. For the production of these types of parts, accuracy is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

There are great benefits with precision tool and die stamping when used for production in large quantities. But the fact remains that not every project can always benefit from the process of precision tool and die stamping. There are pros and cons to this process just like with any other process. Progressive die stamping is one of the methods used in precision tool and die stamping process apart from other single-step processes which also offer many benefits when it comes to large volume manufacturing. One of the major benefits is that it helps cut the costs of production. The lower cost is due to the reduction in the labor which is mostly the case when additional units need to be manufactured. Reduction of production time is brought about by automating the entire process using the precision tool and die. This also contributes towards lower error margins. This in itself is another benefit that comes with precision tool and die stamping, it produces parts that are very precise, and they serve the purpose they are intended to, down the very last detail. When used correctly, microstamping companies can help produce small parts used in electronics and other places that need to fit other components accurately with the use of the precision tool and die stamping process. On the other hand, companies that do not use the precision tool and stamping technology cannot produce such small and accurate or precise parts.  To help you with your problem solving when it comes to precise part production, finding a company that employs precision tool and die stamping is a must.

One of the disadvantages of the process of precision tool and die stamping is its inability to produce prototypes and single or individual parts that are customized. There will be start-up costs for trying stimulation and performing tests on these. At times, the costs of the initial prototype production and carrying out tests is so high that it crosses the overall production costs. It might so happen that you may even need to wait for the process of precision tool and die stamping to begin and may even need to face problems while the production is in progress. However, with micro stamped parts such problems do not exist. As relatively thin sized metals are used in the process, it is easier to make smaller parts which are micro stamped and invite changes to be made on them with great ease.
The process of precision tool and stamping does not begin with the metal directly. A prototype needs to be made first most likely using a computer. An engineer design tries out a prototype first to see how it will behave to cuts and bends or other shapes that may be given to it during the production process. These days there are many softwares that are used in the designing process to make the process much faster and easier. The process of precision tool and stamping uses different presses to carry out the actual production. The tools used in the process are also varied. Depending on the type of action the presses used in the production are either manual or hydraulic.

Manual or mechanical presses are slower than the hydraulic ones and depend on a flywheel to keep and transfer energy. These presses are ideal for smaller projects. The hydraulic presses are larger with higher stroke sizes and greater speed than mechanical presses. Apart from the press, dies used in the process are varied. The press may shove energy needed to bring about the stamping but the die does the main job of changing the shape of the metal either by cutting or by shaping it through other means.

A variety of metals are used in the process of precision tool and stamping. It could either be flat or sheet metal or even a coiled one. Since these are durable and easy to use, metals are the ideal choice of material. The hardness level required is soft to medium in order to carry out the process of precision tool and stamping.

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