The Cost-Effective Advantage of the Progressive Metal Stamping Industry

Progressive Die Metal Stamping

The traditional metal stamping technique that uses presses that are powered by motors typically perform just one particular action or stroke and can produce metals that are stamped on runs that are short. There is just one tool that is used for the stamping process and the time taken to finish the entire process is long as multiple operations cannot be performed on such presses. This means that complex parts will not be designed on such presses and also the cost for the total production will be substantially high. However, the process of progressive metal stamping eliminates all of these obstacles.

The practice of using progressive die stamping has been in existence for quite some time now and an increasing number of manufacturers have been taking advantage of this process to produce parts that are complex in design over a relatively short period of time with much lesser production expense. 

In the past, it was thought that the process of bending a single piece of metal more than a couple of times was not a good idea since most of the work was done manually. Also, the precision in manual bending wasn’t promising and would differ each time it was done, also from laborer to laborer. The bent metal was also thought to be weak and inferior in terms of quality and strength and at times would not serve the intended purpose. To use metal stamping presses and carry out multiple actions of bending, blanking, coining etc.

The manufacturer would need to keep changing the dies since each dies basically carries only one shape. Another option was to attach multiple presses that can house different dies and assemble these presses with various dies together to get the final product. But even the use of such multiple presses would not necessarily carry out the task to its true completion.

Many at times, the manufacturer would need another machine to fully design the finished product even after it has been on multiple presses with different dies. However, with the advent of the progressive metal stamping process, many additional benefits were added to the metal die-stamping practice.

It resulted in more faster production speeds, the process was overall much efficient, material handling was kept at a minimal, several stamping processes could be easily carried out together producing different impressions or shapes and most importantly the cost of production was reduced by a large extent when compared to what it was in the past with the use of traditional single die metal stamping presses. 

There are several benefits of using the progressive metal stamping process. How it actually performs the job is quite simple to understand. The progressive die stamping tool consists of a number of stations. Every station is designed and carefully built to carry out a very precise and accurate function on the metal. The process when carried out with precision and accuracy results in producing metal parts and components at super-fast speeds. For producing desired metal parts using the progressive die metal stamping process, a metal strip is introduced into the press. Coil form metals can also be used, they are simply placed in a way so that they can steadily unroll and enter the press evenly.

As the metal strip travels through the progressive metal stamping press, every station performs a necessary function to finally get the end product or part. These processes are varied and include bending, cutting or bending. As the metal strip advances through the progressive die stamping press, different stations do their task as they are fitted with dies that are differently shaped. Movement from one station to the other adds to the finished product step by step. At the end of the press, you will have your desired part, accurate and precise, just the way you had seen it in the prototype.

The initial investment in the designing and production of the metal dies may be considerable, it helps in the long run as the speed of production is very high and multiple stamping operations can be carried out on a single press. These steel dies are robust with durable and sharp cutting edges and can withstand friction and shocks that are a part and parcel of the progressive die stamping process. The progressive die metal stamping method also helps produce complex or intricate metal parts or components. Therefore, this process is a favorite when it comes to making parts that are small and complex but not those that require deep drawing.
Also, for parts that are very simple, the progressive die metal stamping method may not be the best production method. This is the case since there are other methods that are catered to producing simple and straightforward metal parts with much ease. Such methods can be an ideal option to produce simpler metal parts. However, there are a lot of productions that use the progressive die metal stamping process and it sure is a quintessential choice. 

Some of the top benefits of the progressive metal stamping process are listed here. 


Since the metal is being introduced into the press continuously, the press can function at a high speed and produce a large number of parts each minute. This contributes to lower downtime, improved cycle time, and overall production agility. 

The length of production runs:

As the progressive die metal stamping press works pretty fast, the production runs can last much longer than other traditional presses. 

Cost of labor:

Most of the work is done by machines and presses, therefore the cost of manual labor is kept at a minimal. 

Time for setting up:

With the use of progressive die metal stamping process, only one-time setup is really needed for completing the production, whereas multiple setups are required by conventional method of metal stamping and those last for shorter runs.       

Ability to produce complex parts:

The progressive die metal stamping process has several stations and can carry out even intricate and very complex part production. Hence, this method is extremely precise as far as output is concerned. 

Less Waste:

Since the dies used in the progressive die metal stamping process are uniquely designed, they help a lot in minimizing wastage which is not totally avoidable in the manufacturing process. 

Cost per part:

Bulk production using the progressive die metal stamping method is very low because of the kind of process it is. 

Accuracy of the finished product:

The progressive die metal stamping process produces metal parts that are highly precise and accurate and serve the intended purpose perfectly. The intricate design and manufacturing process guarantee that the manufactured process will not disappoint in terms of quality.

Due to all these surmounting benefits, the progressive die metal stamping method is used in a wide variety of industries including the automobile industry, healthcare, aerospace industry and production of various household and other appliances and things that are used on a day to day basis. 

At Eigen, we use the art and science of progressive metal stamping processes to manufacture parts that meet the expectations of our esteemed clients. Our engineers have mastered this practice and love handling challenges that come in the production jobs. Our technology and manufacturing presses are state-of-the-art, promising parts that are of high quality and accuracy. Trust us, trust the name Eigen and experience the benefits that come with progressive die metal stamping.


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