Punch and Die Practices for your Manufacturing Industries

Punch Press Dies

Are you a manufacturing industry working towards setting up essential practices for your unit? Well, there is a long list of things that need to be checked for you to be efficient in the manufacturing progress. One of the important areas to consider is the standard punch and die practices. Here are some of the ones that you can implement to experience enhanced results.

Punch and Die: Look for perfection

With so much consumption of productions in the market, it may be easy to lose focus from the importance of quality and shift to only quantity. While doing it, manufacturing industries may lose focus on attaining perfection. One should have a clear goal in mind and never miss out on quality, stability, ease of maintenance and his per service.  Look beyond just the initial designing part and consider the several aspects of setting up punch and die and maintaining it.

Efficient strip lift and die stroke

One of the most common mistakes is to start with the vibration in tooling because of shortage in time. However, this results in several other problems during the later stages of stamping. Minimize the strip lift and impart efficient dimensional stability to the strip that may happen during wear and tear or less movement of the tool.

Look at the hole configuration

When compared to straight or curved edges, sharp corners will wear quickly. This is particularly true with the punches. Narrow sections wear quicker compared to that of the heavier sections, and this should be a key for manufacturing industries in punch and die practices.

Robust design of punch face

In punch and die design, the face of punch does most of the hard work. This is so because the face strikes first and there are increased chances of it wearing. As a result, it is crucial for designed to carefully design a robust punch face that can withstand the wear and tear. On the other hand, it is also crucial to design in a way that will make maintenance easier as well.

Choose the right designers

Regularly look for misalignment

It is crucial that you regularly look for misalignments because as the punch and die work to get the metal stamping done, with time the tool may get misaligned. If necessary attention is not given, it can permanently damage the tool beforehand and it will wear out. So following a standard procedure for maintenance and regularly checking for misalignment will be a helpful practice to save time, add efficiency, and add stability in the manufacturing process.

Document all the crucial steps

Never take documentation lightly as good documentation equals to efficient manufacturing practices. metal punches and die, maintenance, and operation involve a lot of minute details from inception to production. Manufacturing industries need to document every detail that will be helpful for the production and maintenance teams while on the job.

Eigen: Your efficient, reliable, and experienced partner

Eigen has been paving the way for state of the art metal stamping practices from the last 12+ years. The team is comprised of experienced, creative, and young professionals constantly working towards taking the metal stamping standards to the next level. An in-house tool room adds to the reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance and production. Customers from around the globe can rely on the team for top-notch production. All that clients need to do is to spell out their requirements and team Eigen will get it done and delivered within the promised timeframe. We are always ready to hear from our clients and looking to scale up their production needs.


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