High Speed Stamped Metal Stamping Parts and its Benefits

Stamped metal stamping

Speed, Speed, Speed…well, it is not uncommon to hear this in any and every manufacturing industry. Speed means that the products will be manufactured and delivered in a short time, and this helps the clients in their business goals. The same is true in stamped metal stamping as we see that there is a constant requirement of high speed of manufacturing. Due to the high speed of operation, high speed stamped metal stamping parts are different from regular metal stamping. Industries such as aerospace, automobile, defense, industrial engineering, electrical & electronics rely hugely on high speed stamped metal stamping. Let’s take a look at some of the details and the benefits of high-speed stamping.


A Quick Look at High-Speed Stamping

This is definitely a stamping used for unique and special needs in metal stamping. The operation speeds are increased in this process and in general, these speeds are connected to slug control, stock control, and problems with excessive wear. Generally, the problems start when the speed of the press exceeds over 100 strokes/minutes. This is when the experts in stamped metal stamping come into play because they are experienced in efficiently handling the stamping processes in these conditions. 

Clearance Effects on High-Speed Stamping

The direct impact on the slug and wear control is inevitable with the punch to matrix clearance. These effects are further magnified with the high-speed stamping operations. It is important to get a clear understanding of how this impacts the overall operations. There are several reputed manufacturers in sheet metal stamping who are using the knowledge to enhance customer service and projects with high speed stamped metal stamping. 

What Exactly is Die Clearance?

Punch to die clearance had standard requirements for many years. In the past, the manufacturers have been used to attaining 5% of stock thickness per side and this has been a standard punch to die clearance norm. This clearance has helped to provide the acceptable ratio for slug control and burr height. There is often maintenance downtime experienced due to galling and wear. The high speed stamped metal stamping manufacturers looked for a solution and tried new tooling materials to handle the problems with wear. However, they realized that this results in longer lead times and becomes more expensive. On the other hand, the range of use was also limited to these materials. 

Intense research and several testing results reveal that a total change and increase in the punch to die clearance helps in the reduction of the burr height while increasing the life of the tool by many times. However, there is a side effect to this approach and that is – slug pulling. In this scenario, the workaround here is to have a spring-loaded ejector pin that extends from the center of punch. There are several other techniques that help this issue and it varies in different situations and material being worked on, and an experienced stamping metal stamping manufacturer understands it well. 

Benefits of High-Speed Metal Stamping Parts

One of the first benefits as the name states is the high speed of manufacturing. Some of the most commonly stamped metal stamping and high-speed parts are busbars, battery cable connectors, fuse clips, fuse boxes, sensor components, etc. and industries relying on the manufacturers can benefit highly with the increased speed. These parts are produced in bulk and so a high speed helps the clients deliver their respective products on time as well. 

Bulk Production

In projects that need bulk production, the industries cannot waste time on slow speeds of metal stamping. High speed of stamped metal stamping helps the manufacturers product based on the client’s specific requirements. In the current economy, the industries cannot wait to come up with new and unique products that keep consumers engaged and excited about something new. It is only possible to meet the consumer demands with bulk production and this is what makes it an important part of stamped metal stamping. 

Cost-Effective Results

With the high speed, it is possible for metal stamping manufacturers to deliver the parts at a low cost. As they are able to produce in bulk quantities, the manufacturers are able to deliver the final results in low cost. This helps to deliver the finished products at a low cost. 

Find the Right Metal Stamping Supplier

It is crucial to find the right metal stamping supplier for your high speed stamped metal stamping parts. There are several manufacturers out there, but not all of them possess the expertise and means to deliver high-speed results. As a result, it is crucial that you make sure that you identify the appropriate supplier and deliver the best results to them. Experienced and reputed metal stamping suppliers are equipped with the right technology and engineers to deliver the best results at all times. 

Look for the right technology in the manufacturing unit in order to help you with the high speed stamped metal stamping. Metal stamping manufacturers who have the capability will also possess the latest technology that helps in delivering high speed in specialized projects. Advanced machining and tools help manufacturers to keep up with the changes and custom requirements of clients. 

Eigen: Your High-Speed Stamped Metal Stamping Supplier

Eigen is experienced with over 15 years of working in the metal stamping manufacturing industry. The supplier is reputed for delivering high-speed stamping metal stamping parts to clients from across the globe. With the help of a great team and advanced tools, the company is able to deliver anything and everything that the clients require in metal stamping. The excellent quality standards adhered to at Eigen is very well reflected through the several ISO certifications in the last few years. The company has stringent quality control standards that help to identify any issues in the earlier stage and ensure that nothing is left for a chance before delivering the finished products to the clients.


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