How to Cut Costs from Your Metal Stamping Product’s Design

Precision Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is widely used to create metal parts of several shapes and sizes. The end goal is to achieve precision with every stamping, but at the same time, it is also important to consider the most cost-effective way to accomplish the objective.

Metal Stamping

Some of the most commonly used metal stamping techniques include stamping through are progressive tooling, coining, fine blanking, transfer dies and blank fed. Each of these has a different manufacturing mechanism and are opted for based on the specific requirement.

In order to save on the overall precision metal stamping costs, it is important to identify a vendor with appropriate experience in stamping design. A client should also consider whether or not the metal stamping vendor is capable of using the latest manufacturing techniques to provide the end result.

Here are some ways to save on precision metal stamping products cost.

Material Type

Everything starts with the raw material, before beginning production, always explore different types of materials that are available to get the desired results. For example, in some projects choosing recycled aluminum over steel can help save costs.

Tooling Techniques

The next important factor you need to consider is to choose the right tooling techniques, the lesser the complexity and the number of hits the better the cost saving. Progressive tooling and fine blanking have higher investment and operating costs compared to hybrid stamping.


Stamping design is also an important consideration when you think of cost saving. Design should be optimal to ensure there are no unnecessary wastage and part production is completed in smaller number of operations. metal stamping design must also be streamlined from the original one, to be in tune with higher production volumes when reached.

Metal Stamping Design

Single Vendor

Some clients prefer to outsource their work to several manufacturing
vendors but this only adds up to the substantial costs due to different pricing and logistics involved. Choosing a single vendor who can provide all the elements of manufacturing in one place can help get a better bargain as well as avoid transportation costs.

Skilled Personnel

Apart from equipment, qualified labor is also required to help ensure manufacturing is done in an effective manner. Right from design to implementation and operation, having experienced people to consult and operate machinery will help keep manufacturing costs in the intended rage.

Following these above criteria will be of help to you in order to cut costs in your metal stamping products design. Before jumping in to full fledge manufacturing, choose an appropriate manufacturing partner who can understand your industry needs and provide the right design and manufacturing assistance.

Eigen: Your Metal Stamping Partner

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