Choose the Best Raw Materials for Metal Stamping Assembly

Metal Stamping Assembly

There is an exponential need in the precision metal stamping industry, and the demand for raw material is seeing a simultaneous spike as well. What raw material you choose in your metal stamping assembly impacts the final outcome of the finished product.

Key Materials for Automotive Metal Stamping

Automotive metal stamping requires metal parts that are corrosion-resistant and durable. So, the following materials are usually considered for automotive metal stamping.

  • Copper alloys:
    • Second best conductors(next to silver), Therefore used in the HVAC system of the automobile industry
    • Easy to work, and its quality makes it an ideal choice for the manufacturing of tubes and wires.
  • Aluminum alloys
    • Strong and lightweight
    • Flexible, so it easily shapes into precision metal stamped parts of complex geometry
  • Steel allows
    • Strong and sturdy
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Adaptable
    • Gets better with exposure to heat and cold

Automotive Metal Stamping applications

The advanced automotive stamping process of today has opened the possibility of creating automotive metal parts of high precision and custom dimensions. Continuous developments in metal stamping products only make way for more accurate metal stamped parts.

The automotive industry requires a gamut of metal stamped parts- from standard components to custom parts. The precision of the metal stamped part is imperative as it must meet the industry standards of quality. Automobiles stamping manufacturers fabricate automotive metal stamping components that meet tight tolerances and rigorous quality standards.

From seating latches to horn buttons to small tubes, the list of automotive metal stamping applications is many. Some of the crucial Automotive Metal Stamping applications include:

  • Floor mat securement brackets
  • Horn buttons
  • Rearview mirror mounting plates
  • Steering wheel components and brakes
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Seat Latches

Although the selection of raw material varies based on the project and client’s custom requirements, there are still a lot of considerations that will help in choosing the appropriate raw material. Here are some of the reasons and comparisons that usually helps in making the right decision for reputed precision metal stamping manufacturers.

Copper Alloys in Metal Stamping Assembly

Manufacturers often choose copper and its alloys when looking for thermal and electrical conductivity. One of the most common and risky problems in raw materials used in electrical and thermal conductivity is corrosion and bacterial. However, copper and its alloys such as bronze, brass, and nickel silver possess qualities such as being antibacterial and anti-corrosion. These materials are highly malleable and so make it a preferred choice in metal stamping assembly. On the other hand, it is possible for the manufacturers to even create extremely sophisticated and complex shapes because copper alloys can be made thinner and smaller than many other metals. Although there is a benefit of it being soft and malleable, it cannot be used for products that need more strength.

Key highlights

  • In terms of conductivity, copper alloys is only second to silver; it is a very common material being used in HVAC and electrical.
  • Copper remains easy to work and ductile even after hardening it, and the tubes and wires often use copper as a raw material due to this quality.
  • Copper can be used across a wide range of temperature because even if it is exposed to cold temperature or sunlight, it doesn’t usually become brittle.
  • Food processing industry also prefers copper as a raw material due to its antibacterial properties.
  • Copper can also be further enhanced and alloyed with other material to enhance the already existing corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Apart from the above, copper is also known to provide beautiful finishing and so it also makes it a preferred material in architecture and other such purposes.

Aluminum Alloys in Metal Stamping Assembly

Aluminum alloys are used in the applications where strength is required but without the added weight that comes with the mass. These are one of the lightest metals used in the arc‐chute assembly as well. Especially in the travel industries where added weight impacts fuel efficiency, it is preferred to use aluminum. One of the significant advantages of the metal is its corrosion resistant quality and so even if it slightly costs on the higher side, it lasts much longer, and less raw material is required during the metal stamping assembly. The metal is also nonmagnetic and so it is widely used in commercial purposes and areas where there is a need for thermal conductivity but reflective of energy as well.

Key highlights

  • Industries such as aerospace, construction, and automobile use this metal due to it being extremely strong and light at the same time.
  • In the precision metal stamping, it is possible to stamp it into more complex shapes because it is flexible.
  • Fabricated aluminum parts can be protected from rust due to its quality of forming a protective oxide layer when contacted with air.
  • Compared to that of copper, aluminum is 60% conductive and so is used in the thermal and electrical industry as well.
  • Aluminum on the other hand doesn’t become brittle when exposed to cold temperatures and so is preferred in varied industries.

Steel Alloys in Metal Stamping Assembly

Steel is one of the most common alloys that’s being used in the precision metal stamping. In the mechanical world, steel alloys are most preferred due to its economical and versatile value, and more importantly the strength. It can be treated after or even before the precision metal stamping process and although it is comparatively more expensive than carbon steels, the alloy is used to provide an attractive finish to the product as well.

Key highlights

  • One of the most commonly preferred in the construction industry as it is strong and sturdy.
  • It is highly competitive when it comes to looking at the price of the steel and alloys and so opted by many arc‐chute assemblies as well.
  • Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and so it is widely used in food processing industries.
  • All kinds of purposes and industries rely on steel as it is a metal that is adaptable and when treated for heat and cold exposure it only gets better for the purpose.

Choosing the Best Raw Material

Well, there are several other raw materials to choose from depending on the specific needs and the project a company is working on. As a result, it becomes extremely important to have experienced and reputed precision metal stamping manufacturers to help you in this process. The decision of choosing raw material may be easy in the regular projects but it is challenging from working on custom requirements, and so it is important to have the experts in decision making.

Some of the important factors to look for are:

  • The overall cost of buying the raw material and getting it delivered to the manufacturing unit
  • Ease of working on the material and shaping it into the desired products and shapes
  • Sustainability, malleability, flexibility, and overall benefits that will result in the long term
  • Also, it is important to think about how the end result will be for clients when using the raw material in their products

The above are some of the considerations that will help in choosing the best raw material required for the job. Rather than simply relying on some of the options out there, why not take the recommendation of the best stampers to get the best results.

Eigen: Your Reputed Metal Stamping Assembly Partners

Eigen is a reputed manufacturers and metal stamping assembly & mechanical sub assembly company based out of Bangalore, India. As a global supplier of metal stamping requirements, Eigen understands your stamping requirements, and whether it is arc‐chute assembly, precision metal stamping, or plating services, you can rely on Eigen to deliver the best results. When choosing raw material there may be several things going on in your mind but Eigen will make sure that we help you not just choose the best raw material bot also the right supplier for a constant provision of the materials during the project. Industries such as aerospace, defense, automobile, industrial engineering, and electrical & electronics rely highly on us to deliver the best results, and we look forward to providing you with our exceptional services as well.


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