13 Pieces Semi-Automatic Arc Chute Assembly Machine with Bowl Feeder

Arc Chute Assembly Machine Arc Chute Assembly Machine

There is an increased shift toward automation. Electrical industries rely heavily on Arc Chute Assembly machines. Arc chute looks simple enough in MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers), but these are complex and perform sophisticated functions. Eigen understands the growing demand and how best to keep up with this requirement. As our next step towards innovation, a new machine has been specifically developed for the assembly of Arc Chutes. This is a semi-automatic assembly machine with 13 loaded stacks supplying the parts for the continuous assembly process.

Happy Clients Across the Globe

With the automation being the buzzword across boardrooms, our clients also look for how we can enhance productivity and automate most of our processes. We time and again live up to our client’s expectations, and many a time deliver more than what clients look for. With this new machine on our floor, we can now produce 30,000 parts per day when compared to 5000 parts that we were able to produce earlier. So rather than waiting for a long time to get a project completed, clients can be sure that now we automate and have enhanced our arc chute assembly.

Why Eigen?

We are experienced manufacturers and arc chute assembly is one of our specialties. The professionals working with us have years of experience working in the business. We know exactly what you are looking for in your arc chute assembly machine and so we enhance productivity and automate almost all the steps. Our experts are always on the lookout to provide more than what is expected from our clients, and this is the reason why we have designed this powerful automated set-up.

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Our experts are waiting to hear from you. Get in touch with us and spell out your requirements. With this new addition to our assembly line, there is almost nothing called out of reach for us in the arc chute assembly.


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