The Important Function of Custom Metal Stamping Tool

Custom Metal Stamping Tool

Metal Stamping:

In plain words, as the term suggests, Metal stamping is the procedure by means of which metal sheets are converted into desired shapes. While the name and description may sound simple, the process is far from simple. It involves various steps and stages with which metals are transformed into the kind of shape or size that a manufacturer wants. Some of the techniques used in metal stamping process include punching, blanking, piercing and bending. There is a global market providing this essential service. Many industries heavily depend on this process to come up with the products they wish to produce. Healthcare industry, automotive industry, aerospace industries are just a few among the top in the list that rely on metal stamping technology. These and other industries require bulk production of simple or complex design parts in a short period of time. All this cannot be achieved by manual labour. Machines are employed for the purpose and metal stamping tools are a must without which none of this can be made possible.


While there are several benefits of metal stamping, the most important ones are those that most manufacturers have on their minds when they use this particular process to get what they require.

Here is what most manufacturers use metal stamping for:

Durable products:

Every manufacturer desires to get the best parts to make the finest and most durable products. Metal stamping helps achieve this goal as one of the most durable materials that can be used is metal after all.


Mass production of metal parts is possible with metal stamping and this is one of the most favourite benefits if you ask manufacturers. Bulk production has always been a time tested way to reduce cost as single parts are needed to be made by manual labour cutting manpower expense. Bulk production also helps to get the most accomplished using technology, machines in particular, and metal stamping is the backbone of this entire process.


The amount of time taken to produce the part is greatly reduced as metal stamping process uses high-speed machines to do the job. Manufacturers can easily get a huge number of parts in a very short time. This means more production, less time and maximum profits.


The metal parts produced using metal stamping process are accurate and precise. This procedure reduces and even eliminates the chance of human error as long as the dies used in the process are precisely designed using custom metal stamping tool. Even complex designs are accurately cut out with the help of custom metal stamping tool and many industries need such accuracy to produce what they desire.

How is it done?

Metal stamping has certain basic steps. Initially, the metal to be stamped or pressed is placed in a stamping press. The metal can be either in blank or coil shape. Next, using various methods like bending, blanking, punching, flanking, coining and embossing the metal is shaped into a particular shape. Prior to the stamping die is ready, engineers design the tooling for the required purpose with the help of technology. These designs are made in such a way that they are accurate to the smallest degree as precision is a must-have in this process. Every cut, every bend and every punch needs to be precise, this is ensured using the best technology and the finest expertise to use it- engineers or designers who prepare the tooling that is used in metal stamping die. This design process can take a while as there may be hundreds of tiny components that need to be designed. However, this is time well spent as this step cannot be messed up in any way. If something does go wrong, this is the place to come back to! Hence, enough time is spent to make sure the designs are precise and accurate and then the production can begin using custom metal stamping tool.

Major types

There are three major types of techniques used in metal stamping. They are deep draw, progressive and fourslide techniques.

Deep Draw Metal stamping:

This method consists of forming the metal into shape by punching it using a die after it is pulled into the sheet metal blank. The method is so named as the depth of the metal that is drawn transcends its diameter. This method helps save a lot of material and money and is used in places that require many different types of diameters. A lot of raw material is saved and thereby the total production cost and also the time required is reduced by a large extent with the help of custom metal stamping tool. Some examples of the applications of this type of method are cooking utensils, automotive parts, electronic relay parts and parts of an aircraft.

Progressive Metal Stamping:

Several stations are used in this method and each station has a function of its own. It all begins when the metal strip is passed through a progressive stamping press. The metal strip gradually opens up into the die where each station punches, bends or cuts using the metal progressive stamping tool embedded therein. Every station helps prepare the product little by little and after passing through all the stations, the finished part is finally ready. For the production of complex parts, the manufacturer would need to either add several presses with different custom metal stamping tool or use the same press and change the custom metal stamping tool periodically depending on the stage of the production. At times there is a need for a secondary machine to truly complete the part under production even after using more than one press. Progressive die stamping helps produce intricate metal parts and contributes towards a speedy delivery time, lower production costs and also allows for repeated production of the same parts as and when the need arises.

Fourslide metal stamping:

As the name suggests, there are four slides that are employed at the same time to give shape to a piece of metal. This is the choice for producing intricate parts with precise cuts and bends. This method also allows for changing designs and hence is very flexible 

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