Assembly and Sub Assembly

Choose the Best Raw Materials for Metal Stamping Assembly

Assembly and Sub Assembly | 09.07.2020

There is an exponential need in the precision metal stamping industry, and the demand for raw material is seeing a simultaneous spike as well. What raw material you choose in your metal stamping assembly impacts the final outcome of the finished product.

Eigen has a Wide Array of Contract Assembly Services to Offer

Assembly and Sub Assembly | 31.05.2017

When your main focus is assembly line productivity, sub-assemblies could become expensive. Sub-assemblies require additional tooling, labor, floor space, inventory, administrative cost,

13 Pieces Semi-Automatic Arc Chute Assembly Machine with Bowl Feeder

Assembly and Sub Assembly | 10.12.2015

There is an increased shift toward automation. Electrical industries rely heavily on Arc Chute Assembly machines. Arc chute looks simple enough in MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers), but these are complex and perform sophisticated functions. Eigen understands the growing demand and how best to keep up with this requirement. As our next step towards innovation, a … Continue reading “13 Pieces Semi-Automatic Arc Chute Assembly Machine with Bowl Feeder”