All About Stamping Tool and It’s usage In The Industrial Sector

metal stamping dies

In every nook and corner of your home or your office you will find something that is the result of a stamping tool. It was in the 1880s that bicycle parts were mass produced by the usage of the stamping tool. Metal stamping tools have been the backbone of metal manufacturing industries. They are the dies that cut and shape metal. In simple terms, a metal stamping tool transforms a sheet or coil into the desired shape either at a single die station or at a multiple die station with a single stroke of a press.

Stamping Tool

Operations of stamping tool in the industrial sector

Stamping tool design could vary according to the operation required to produce a particular component.  This process includes punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and coining. This could either be a single stage or multiple stage operation. The progressive stamping tool used at single stations could either be compound dies or combination dies. Only cutting operations such as blanking and hole punching are performed by the compound dies.

Combination dies, as the name itself suggests, perform a combination of operations. For example, blanking operation is combined with forming operation. At multiple stage operation, the stamping tool design has a variety of operations at each station. In a series of operations needed to produce a component, each station simultaneously performs a single step. Each stroke discharges the finished component. Stamping tools such as progressive dies or transfer dies are used in multiple station operation. Parts are made from continual coil stalk in the progressive die operation. As it moves from one operation to another the coil stalk remains connected to a carrier strip. At the final station, the component is cut off and discharged.

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Transfer die operation is performed slightly differently. Blanking is either performed before or at the beginning of that sequential operation. In order to complete the progression of operation, mechanical transfer devices ensure that the individual pieces continuously move from one die station to another die station within a single die. Large components are processed with a tandem press line. Since the parts are large they are transported from one stamping tool to another stamping tool by means of a gripping device. Each of these stamping tools with its unique set of tooling performs a specific operation in the tandem line. These are forming, piercing and trimming the part.

The industries that benefit from stamping tools

There is hardly any industry that does not benefit from the use of stamping tools. From the simplest to the most sophisticated industries, all depend on components produced by the stamping tools. Some of those industries are the automotive & ancillary, aerospace, electrical and electronics, consumer durables and Industrial engineering.

Design and Tooling

Automotive industry:

Stamping tool designs cater to the needs of this industry. The stamping tool is like that sewing machine when used correctly, produces just the perfect fitting parts which are useful and beautiful.  Aerospace industry: safe travel depends on the meticulously designed and produced components both large and small. The Perfect stamping tool designs ensure the precision of such components.

Factors contributing to the success of the stamping tool and stamping tool designs

It is the need of the hour. Yes, components thus produced have become part of our lives. Therefore many companies are investing in research and development of metal stamping. They want to find more efficient ways of metal stamping. Added to this metal prices have reduced, making such components affordable.  Another factor is intense competition. All these reasons and more are contributing to the success of the stamping tool

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Should you worry about the price?

Many worry about the expense. But in this regard, it could be said that ‘there is much gain despite the pain.’ Just ensure that you do not compromise with the quality.

The stamping tool plays an important role in the industrial sector. It provides the industries all that they need to perform their work efficiently.


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