Top reasons to use Copper Plating

Copper plating solution

Copper plating is one of the most widely used plating choices for several industries. The reasons are largely due to the characteristics of copper.

Copper has many useful characteristics such as being malleable. It is also ductile in nature. It is non-corrosive. Most of all it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Copper electroplating is usually done for ornamental reasons and also for several industrial use components.

Here are some of the main benefits of copper and its use in copper plating.


One of the important reasons why most industries opt for copper electroplating is because of the important characteristics of copper and the ability to conduct heat and electricity. Coating of copper electroplating will be helpful in areas where high electrical conductivity is required. This is especially important in the electrical and electronics industrial use components.


Copper as a metal is inherently very flexible, this makes it widely used in manufacturing so that it can be produced into different shapes and also will not peel out when the material is subjected to stress. As a result, industries can easily work with this to get a product designed according to specific requirements.

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Heat Treatment:

Copper plating also produces a decent level of thickness, this is useful for heat treatment stop-off requirement. Industries benefit largely by this quality as the components can be used in several industrial grade applications.


Copper electroplating when done properly produces a uniform finish copper on the base material. In addition to the quality of the copper plating, it also offers an additional benefit of acting as a proper base plating layer for further metal plating. Copper electroplating vendors with years of experience and handle it with the greatest level
of precision and deliver the required results.

Corrosion Protection:

Copper plating prevents corrosion to a great extent. To make it even more protective, nickel is added as a combination. The resulting material is highly corrosion resistive. Consequently, these are some of the applications due to its corrosion protection. Open exposure such as roofing and other building construction. Used in plumbing with superior corrosion resistance to drinking water and different soils. Marine applications for resistance to seawater. Industrial and chemical plant equipment dealing with organic and inorganic chemicals.

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Budget Friendly:

Copper is easily available and relatively inexpensive when compared to Gold, Silver and other metals. At the same time, it is also able to deliver the exact results that industries are looking for.

Copper plating this is a great value addition to your metal stamping products, because of the extra benefits.

Eigen: Your preferred partner

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